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DHS Introductory Site Visit

CAESCIR’s DHS Program Officer, Stephanie Willett, and DHS Program Assistant Rahmney Flowers visited FIU on March 29th. CAESCIR Faculty presented their research, DHS staff toured FIU SCIS’s facilties, and CAESCIR’s first student cohort were introduced.

CAESCIR Site Visit. Pictures (from left to right) are CAESCIR PI Jason Liu, DHS Program Assistant Rahmney Flowers, Liting Hu, DHS Program Officer Stephanie Willett, Ning Xie, Leonardo Bobadilla, CAESCIR Participant Christopher Clement, CAESCIR Participant Alexander Monaco, Alex Afanasyev, CAESCIR Participant Samira Had, and Mark Finlayson.


During their visit to FIU, DHS Program Officer Stephanie Willett and DHS Program Assistant Rahmney Flowers received a demonstration of an I-CAVE application used to train first responders.